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Mobile, smart phone and SIM card forensic experts.

Mobile Phone Forensics is the examination of SIM cards and mobile phone handsets (including smart phones, iPhones, Blackberrys and PDAs for the presence of data created by the device's owner or user during day to day use.

The data is extracted and complied into a standardised report using automated software tools and manual methods all of which are validated to ensure they present the data exactly as it was stored on the device.

Text Message Recovery /SMS Retrieval - All mobile phones store their messages differently, whether in the memory, SIM or on the user's computer if synced, which is why there is no single solution for recovering this data. We have the forensic hardware and software to connect and acquire data from over 1,500 models.
SIM Card Data Recovery – SIM cards contain a processor and operating system, mostly unique to the manufacturer. Similarly, they all have in-built security features. We have the forensic tools to acquire evidence from thousands of SIMs - even for those with a PIN locked SIM card, or without the original SIM.
Cell Site Analysis – Computer Forensics Specialists provides cell site analysis and mobile phone mapping / tracking for cases that require evidence of the past geographical location of a cell phone, including the analysis of call detail records and on-site network measurement.­
Handset Analysis – Modern handsets contain much more than call and SMS records. Pictures, videos, audio, internet, e-mail and geographical information can all be forensically analysed, regardless of any attempts to cloak the evidence.­
Communications Data Analysis - Computer Forensics Specialists can interpret, collate and investigate usage profiles, mapping, call patterns and bill records.