Specialist Apple data recovery tools ensure the highest data recovery success rates and what's more, you won't lose your warranty.

Data Recovery Specialists have verified Apple technicians that can recover from any iOS system or device, from physical damage to logical corruption and encryption.

These days, your iPhone may well store more personal information than your desktop computer. Losing your photos, videos text messages, contacts, notes and WhatsApp messages can be devastating. With more mobile devices becoming available, data recovery is becoming much more complex and data is more susceptible to corruption. 

Thankfully, Data Recovery Specialists have developed their own unique tools to access lost, deleted or corrupt data from all variants of iPhones. Where necessary we can extract memory chips, bypass the iOS operating system and extract raw data directly from the flash memory chips. 
iOS operating systems are the most stable and secure, yet they can be restrictive to recover due to Apple's unique encryption. This encryption which locks down an iPhone must first be overcome. Once we have extracted the raw source code from your memory chips, we will calculate the data parameters and rebuild you data from this low-level image.

PC-3000 Flash Spider Board Adapters, JTAG chip off capabilities and microscopic recovery tools give us the best chances fo recovery. With such a reliable data recovery success rate, we are regularly engaged by the Police to investigate iPhones in criminal litigation. 

These were our statistics for mobile phone recoveries last year

► 542 mobile phones were received for diagnostic evaluation of which 89% were evaluated and a file listing of recoverable files produced within 48 hours
► 6,344 spare parts cataloged and stored in our mobile phone library
► 88.5% data recovery success rate for mobile phones
► Our engineers worked 24:7:365 on mobile phone data recoveries
► 97% of data recoveries were completed within 5 working days!
► 91% of clients told us that they were satisfied with our mobile phone recovery service