Hard disk drive repairs to failed PCBs, head crashes and hard drive mechanical failure.

Hard disk drives have a limited lifespan and when they fail a software recovery will often find your files, but will rarely render the hard drive bootable. Software applications and operating systems are likely to be affected. If you require a healthy hard drive to reinsert into your system, the only option is a repair to the faulty drive.

Proprietary and legacy systems are notoriously difficult when it comes to data recovery. Even if the data can be recovered, it's worthless without the system files. Often these systems rely on a specific hard drive model and/or unavailable software. When this is the case, the only option is to rebuild the faulty hard drive, so it can be reinserted into the system with it's original data. 

There are many components that can fail on a hard disk drive, including read/write heads, printed circuit boards (PCB), spindle motors, platters and firmware. Hard drive failures are not always mechanical though. Logical corruption and firmware failures can render disks useless. Often a combination of the two will exasperate a problem.

Thankfully, Data Recovery Specialists have an extensive parts library to replace any failed components. With our ISO accredited, class 100 clean rooms, platter extractors and head replacement tools, we can rebuild your hard drive without affecting the integrity of the data.

These were our statistics for repairs last year

 189 drives were rebuilt without any data integrity issues
► 14,322 spares catalogued and stored in our parts library
► 77% repair rate for failed drives
► Our engineers worked 24:7:365 on data recoveries
► 87% of repairs were completed in less than 2 days
► 91% of clients are satisfied with our rebuild service