Data Recovery Specialists benefit from accredited partners who have class 100 clean rooms, ISO affiliated labs and advanced data recovery tools.

Established in 1996, Data Recovery Specialists have grown into an industry leader in the complexities of data recording and data management. Now affiliated with Fields Associates, each benefits from the synergy in research and development, forensic resources and expertise.

We are committed to providing a world class recovery service backed by the best staff and the best equipment. With over seventeen thousand diagnostic evaluations completed since establishment and a 98% recovery rate, we think that the facts speak for themselves!

All data recoveries are performed in an ISO Class 100 Certified clean room environment and in accordance with standards set by leading hard drive and data storage manufacturers; our data recovery process will not void their original warranty.

Not only are our labs ISO accredited, but our clients can be rest assured that every single byte of data is treated with the care that the Association of Chief Police Officers dictate for handling electronic evidence. So you really can rely on us for data recovery quality and service.

These were our statistics for last year

 4584 hard drives were received for diagnostic evaluation

► 14,322 spare parts catalogued and stored in our hard drive library

► 96% data recovery success rate for hard drives and RAID

► Our engineers worked 24:7:365 on hard drive and RAID data recoveries

► 92% of data recoveries were completed within 5 working days

► 4 out of 5 clients are very satisfied with our data recovery service