Our USB flash drive data recovery service.

Our engineers can recover data from flash memory chips, as well as physically damaged USB drives. We have developed the latest generation software and hardware tools for recovering data from all types of removable media.

USB flash storage relies on a microcontroller, flash memory chips (NAND), USB interface and a crystal oscillator, all of which are prone to physical damage and logical corruption. While there are no moving parts in a flash drive, they degrade simply due to the amount of write operations. Similarly the USB connector can wear out over time and the PCB is prone to damage. Given the size of USB parts and multi-layered circuitry, data recovery can be a challenge.

Our advanced flash memory recovery processes, microscopic soldering, PC3K spider adapters and UDMA software, allow us to read individual USB memory chips in raw format and extract the data. A preliminary diagnostic check will determine the type of fault: physical or logical. The good news is that most damaged drives can be repaired or recovered with specialist tools and knowledge. Logical troubles are often attributed to software errors, malware attacks, power surges and media degradation. A successful recovery of all files will normally depend on a RAW recovery, followed by a rebuild of the specific data structures.  

Data Recovery Specialists are leading the way in flash drive data recovery, but our USB recovery capabilities don’t just stop at memory sticks. We have unique knowledge and experience of all USB media and are always available to talk you through the problem. 

These were our statistics for USB media and drives last year

► 374 USB drives were received for diagnostic evaluation
► 12,875 spare parts catalogued and stored in our USB drive library
► 91.3% data recovery success rate for USB drives
► Our engineers worked 24:7:365 on USB drive data recoveries
► 88% of data recoveries were completed within 5 working days!
► 91% of clients told us that they were satisfied with our data recovery service
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