Hard drive recovery from failed disks suffering from logical or mechanical failure.

Hard Drives don’t last forever and have surprising failure rates. They are mechanical devices with motors. All hard drives share the same basic structure, varying only in how each part is used and the quality of the components themselves. The platters, spindle motor, heads, and head actuator are inside the hard drive, sealed within the chamber called the hard disk assembly (HDA). The HDA should only be opened by data recovery professionals. On the outside of a hard drive is the logic board, bezel, and mounting equipment.

At Data Recovery Specialists, we understand how important your data is. Whether you’re an international giant like Microsoft or a student who’s deleted his thesis, we are committed to your hard drive recovery as quickly and cost effectively as possible. Last year, we regularly recovered data from hard drives that other data recovery companies said was impossible.

Hard disk drives are precision instruments, so they need to be handled with care. Desktop or server hard drives don't handle shocks very well. Laptop computer hard drives are built to handle more shock but are still fragile. Putting one down on a table won't hurt it, but dropping it certainly will. Recognised as one of the UK's leading data recovery companies we perform data recovery from all manufacturers of desktop, server and laptop computer hard drives - whether Windows, AppleMac or Linux/Unix operating systems. We offer a free diagnosis and a no recovery no fee policy.

Our hard drive data recovery experts with their overwhelming experience, state-of-the-art tools and deep knowledge provide finest and innovative Recovery Solutions for all types of storage media and file systems in case of data loss.We are dedicated to provide you quality recovery services and we have enduring commitments to customer satisfaction. Our top priority is to remedy these unfortunate situations and fully salvage your data quickly, professionally and economically. As an industry leader, our hard drive data recovery service is officially approved by all leading hard drive manufacturers, including Fujitsu, Hitachi, IBM, Iomega, Lacie, Maxtor, Samsung, Seagate, Toshiba and Western Digital.

These were our statistics for hard drive recovery last year

 2,455 hard drives were received for diagnostic evaluation
► 15,782 spares catalogued and stored in our donor parts library
► 98% success rate for hard drives
► Our engineers worked 24:7:365 on hard drive data recoveries
► 90% of files were successfully recovered in 5 working days
► 89% of clients told us that they were satisfied with our service