Our hard drive recovery service

Hard disk drives (HDDs) have notable failure rates and can fail due to physical issues like head crashes, motor seizures and platter damage, as well as logical problems such as data corruption or malware infections.

At Data Recovery Specialists, we value the significance of your data. Whether you're a major corporation like EDF Energy or a student with a lost thesis, we prioritise swift and cost-effective hard drive recovery. Last year, we successfully retrieved data deemed irrecoverable by other firms.

Recognised as one of the UK's leading hard drive recovery companies we work with manufacturers including Western Digital, Toshiba, Maxtor, Fujitsu, Seagate IBM & Hitachi - whether Windows, AppleMac or Linux/Unix operating systems. Our hard drive recovery lab supports the latest technology. Where donor parts are required, our ISO 5 Class clean room is a controlled environment where complex repairs can be undertaken. PC-3000 hardware working in tandem with UDMA data extractors significantly reduce the amount of read data and the duty-cycle of HDDs - putting less stress on the HDD and limiting the time required for hard drive recovery.

We take pride in a completely transparent pricing structure and no obligation hard drive recovery service. Let us collect your HDD at a time that is convenient. Our technicians will assess the failure, provide a list of recoverable files and a no obligation quote for the recovery. Want to proceed? Your recovered data can be returned in hours. It's that simple.    

These were our statistics for hard drive recovery last year

 2,455 hard drives were received for diagnostic evaluation
► 15,782 spares catalogued and stored in our donor parts library
► 98% success rate for hard drives
► 89% of clients told us that they were satisfied with our service
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