Do I need hard drive recovery?

Data loss is a nightmare, especially when it happens unexpectedly, and you have no backup. If your hard drive is completely unresponsive, when should you consider hard drive recovery services?

We asked our Technical Director Michael Jones about what steps you should take before seeking professional data recovery services. He replied “Firstly, if you encounter unusual noises like clicking or grinding coming from your hard drive, it's a sign of potential mechanical issues. Continuing to use the drive in such a state can worsen the damage, making data recovery more difficult. You have no option in this case but to seek assistance. Otherwise follow my three steps to recover your data”.

1. Check the power supply
Insufficient power can cause hard drives to malfunction or fail to spin up properly, resulting in inaccessible data. It's crucial to use high-quality power supplies with stable voltages to avoid these issues.

  • Check for loose connections
  • Try a different power source
  • For external hard drives, try a different power lead (or USB cable)
  • With internal drives, install them in an external caddy

2. Recover through the BIOS
Restart your computer and enter the BIOS setup by pressing the designated key (often Del, F2, or F12) during startup. Navigate to the "Integrated Peripherals" or "Storage" section and verify that the hard drive is enabled and correctly detected.

  • Adjust the boot sequence to prioritise the hard drive
  • Reset BIOS settings
  • Try updating the BIOS firmware to the latest version

3. Try data recovery software
It's essential to choose reputable software with positive reviews that allows you to complete a deep scan first of all.

  • Always take a deep scan image first
  • Never attempt to recover the data to the same data source
  • Complete a selective recovery to put less strain on the hard drive

Michael continues "over 5% of the hard drives we see do not require data recovery services at all. Had the users followed these simple steps, they could have recovered all their files without any further intervention. Before contacting us make sure you've exhausted all other options and are sure that there's an issue with the hard drive".

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