Specialist chip-off extraction tools for all versions and variants of Android mobile phone operating systems.

Data Recovery Specialists support proprietary hardware and data extractors to be able to recover data from all Android mobile phones regardless of the version. From version 1.0 Cupcake to Pie and everything in between - our engineers have the highest success rates from Android flash memory mobile devices and unique data extraction tools for every phone. We have successfully recovered data from water damage, media degradation, physical impact and deletion.

Mobile phones and smart phones store a huge amount of information and data loss can be catastrophic to the user. Data Recovery Specialists are able to bypass the operating system and physically extract the flash memory chips, using chip-off and JTAG techniques. With cutting edge PC-3000 Flash Spider Board Adapters coupled with microscopes, the chances of recovery are extremely high. What's more, with no soldering to the technological pinouts, there is no damage to the chips, savinging time and reducing the risk.  Our techniques are so advanced that we are regularly engaged by Police Forces in complex mobile phone forensic cases.

By interrogating the raw information bit-by-bit on the memory chips, understanding the data parameters unique to each manufacturer and the pinout layouts, we can rebuild your data from a low-level image. Additionally, we can gain access to the raw data where the chips are damaged or locked with encryption. A solid understanding of the key characteristics of every memory chip is important to be able to remove and prepare the chips for interrogation. This includes the configurations, memory types, algorithms and JTAG connectors of hundreds of varying chips.

Every Android phone operating system is subtly different in its file structure and the way it stores data. Much of the data is volatile and data recovery techniques are very different to hard drive recovery. Additional steps are required by our engineers to protect the data, which is why Data Recovery Specialists are best placed to recover your critical Android mobile phone data.

These were our statistics for mobile phone recovery last year

► 542 mobile phones were received for diagnostic evaluation of which 89% were evaluated and a file listing of recoverable files produced within 48 hours
► 6,344 spare parts cataloged and stored in our mobile phone library
► 88.5% data recovery success rate for mobile phones
► Our engineers worked 24:7:365 on mobile phone data recoveries
► 97% of data recoveries were completed within 5 working days!
► 91% of clients told us that they were satisfied with our mobile phone recovery service