Free collection

Free Collection

We have 8 offices throughout the UK, where you can drop your media for a diagnostic evaluation. Better still, let us collect from your location at a convenient time. Simply pack your device and attach our DHL shipping label which we'll email you. It's that easy.

Initial Assessment Data Recovery Team

Initial Assessment

Our Initial Assessment Team can assess up to thirty hard disk drives within minutes of receipt on their dedicated PC3K data recovery workstations. A full diagnostic survey will determine the state of the media and the chances of a successful data recovery. This will be communicated to the client and a decision made whether to continue with the recovery, or seek further assistance from the Continued Assessment Team.

Continued Data Recovery Assessment

Continued Assessment

The Continued Assessment Team re-analyse the hard disk drive or media to determine the complexity. With advanced data recovery tools at their disposal, including Class 100 clean room workspace, donor spares, PC3K spider board adaptors, data extractors and platter removal jigs, this team can deal with some of the most complicated recovery work. In unique circumstances, especially where the format is proprietary or the data is highly corrupted, the media may be advanced to stage three.

Post Hard Drive Inspection

Technical Challenges

Stage three comprises a strong Research and Development ethic. This work is generally unprecedented and requires bespoke tools and handlers. Often the team will have to write specific software to repair corrupted and legacy data, or build proprietary hardware and drivers to deal with unique media. This process can take weeks or sometimes even months, but thankfully relates to less than one percent of our work.

backup and Verification of Hard Drive Inspection

Data Recovery

Once the data has successfully been recovered and verified by comparing it with the original cloned image, it can be copied to an external data source. The client is informed of the outcome, provided with an online file listing and quote.