Our SSD data recovery process.

SSD drives store their data in memory chips, whereas hard disk drives rely on a revolving platters. Hence SSD data loss is not caused by mechanical damage. However, SSD media degradation is a common fault and they are susceptible to corruption.

At Data Recovery Specialists, we understand SSD technology and are familiar with the common faults, as well as some of the more challenging data recovery issues. Whether you’re an international giant like Microsoft or a student who’s deleted his thesis, we are committed to recover your SSD drive as quickly and cost effectively as possible. Last year, we regularly recovered data from SSD drives that other data recovery companies said was impossible. This is because we have developed our own proprietary tools specifically for SSD data recovery.

There is no question that flash drives or SSDs will eventually replace hard drive technology. By the time this happens the disadvantages will likely have been eliminated or significantly mitigated. Even today, an SSD can extend the life of a notebook battery, decrease the weight of the machine, make it quieter, and increase read performance. For these reasons SSDs are making their initial mainstream debut in high-end notebooks. However, with the widely use of SSD drive, SSD drive data loss issues are becoming more common.

However, data extraction tools are not widely available for SSD data recovery and their is no common format. Our hard drive data recovery experts with their overwhelming experience, state-of-the-art tools and deep knowledge provide finest and innovative recovery solutions for all types of storage media and file systems in case of data loss. We are dedicated to provide you quality recovery services and we have enduring commitments to customer satisfaction. Our top priority is to remedy these unfortunate situations and fully salvage your data quickly, professionally and economically. As an industry leader, our data recovery service is officially approved by all leading hard drive manufacturers, including SanDisk, Intel, STEC, Patriot Memory, Samsung, Western Digital, Kingston, Transcend and many more.

These were our statistics for SSD drives last year

► 98 SSD drives were received for diagnostic evaluation
► 87% of SSDs were evaluated and a file listing produced within 48 hours
► 1,567spare parts cataloged and stored in our SSD drive library
► 89% data recovery success rate for SSD drives
► Our engineers worked 24:7:365 on hard drive data recoveries
► 92% of data recoveries were completed within 5 working days!
► 91% of clients told us that they were satisfied with our data recovery service
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