Data recovery enquiry

Price Calculation

Before sending us your media you may wish to find out what the costs are likely to be. It is very difficult to diagnose without seeing the media, but if you contact us with the symptoms, our consultants will give you an indication of the likely problem and a typical price and timescales for the data recovery. We will also email you a job number and bar-code, which will follow your media throughout the process should you choose to proceed.
Data recovery receipt

Free Assessment

Once you have decided to proceed with the free diagnostic assessment, you simply need to send us your media or drop it into one of our regional offices. Once this has been booked onto the system, photographed and bar-coded, it will be received by the laboratory where the Initial Data Recovery Assessment Team will start the process within minutes. Depending on the failure, we may need to disassemble your media in the clean room and rebuild with donor spares.
Data recovery assessment

Data Recovery & Backup

Once the data recovery process has been completed and your data recovered and verified, a file listing is compiled. This will be encrypted for security and emailed to you, together with a quote and technical report. Unless otherwise requested we store your data for a further 7 days to allow you to consider the file listing. If you decide not to proceed, there are absolutely no further charges and we return your media.