SDHC, MicroSD and SD Card Recovery.

SD memory cards are commonly used in a multitude of applications, but the memory chips used are prone to degradation, controller failure and power surges. They are fragile devices which do not like mistreatment. With no moving parts data recovery often requires the removal and direct interrogation of the memory chip.

Data Recovery Specialists are industry leaders in chip-off and JTAG NAND memory chip procedures. With brand new and revolutionary PC-3000 Flash Spider Board Adapters coupled with microscopes, we are able to recover data previously declared unrecoverable. With no need to solder to the technological pinouts, time is saved, success rates are doubled and critically the risk of damage to the media is negated. 

This same technology which we have developed for forensic investigations is available to all our data recovery clients. Supporting all brands including Kingston, Integral, PNY and SanDisk, we have specialist clean rooms, micro-soldering capabilities, NAND flash readers and over 10,000 donor parts for every SD, SDHC, microSD and miniSD card manufactured.

With over 500 successful flash memory data recoveries this year, for clients including the MoD and police, Data Recovery Specialists have the highest success rates in the industry! From forensic investigations to recovering wedding photographs, your data is safe in our hands.

These were our statistics for SD cards and media last year

► 509 memory cards were received for diagnostic evaluation
► 8,134 spare parts cataloged and stored in our flash media library
► 91.1% data recovery success rate for flash media
► Our engineers worked 24:7:365 on SD card data recoveries
► 88% of data recoveries were completed within 5 working days!
► 91% of clients told us that they were satisfied with our data recovery service