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Recovering data that has been erased, corrupted or destroyed.

At Data Recovery Specialists, we specialise in the recovery of the digital “fingerprints” left by the routine use of computers. Even securely erased files can be recovered and examined, ensuring that you have all the evidence available to support your investigation.

The same skills, knowledge, technology and facilities used by our data recovery team are also employed on a daily basis by our computer forensics analysts to help clients recover evidence that may have been deliberately erased, damaged or corrupted. Unlike our standard data recovery service, we access areas of the media which would not normally be seen and check for specific activities of interest and avenues of evidence.

Instead of looking specifically for files, forensic data recovery specialists are primarily interested in information. We use ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) accredited tools to fill in missing pieces or make information meaningful. For example, our technicians may uncover and restore a damaged or deleted partition, looking for traces of information which could reveal how and when the partition was used.

Because our specialists in forensic data recovery may be working with computers which have been seeded with safety measures to prevent legal investigations, we must use special procedures to avoid triggering fail safes which could compromise or erase the data. Computer Forensics Specialists are able to work with information in a way which will not change or compromise it. We have been acting for solicitors, barristers, corporates, public bodies and even home users for nearly 20 years in forensic data recovery and are best placed to safeguard your critical evidence.