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Computer forensics and digital expert witness services.

Data Recovery Specialists are experts within the computer forensics and mobile phone forensics field and adhere to internationally recognised techniques including ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers Guidelines) in order to produce admissible evidence from various items of digital media.

These findings are then translated into expert forensic reports that are clear, concise and easily understood by all participants and can be used in cases involving legal criminal, civil and commercial litigation within tribunals and courts of law. Our experts look to test the probability of any claims and allegations. They are also available to provide further explanation of findings if necessary.

Our standards in presenting evidence are consistent and highly regarded by our contract clients, Solicitors and Barristers who regularly instruct us in a clearly understandable language, making complex and technical information easily understandable to non-technical audiences. It is frequently necessary to meet experts appointed by other parties and resolve where they agree and disagree on the merits of the case and we have presided over many claims in this capacity.