Data Recovery from a Toshiba Hard Drive

Our data recovery team recently returned almost 1TB of data to a client whose hard drive had failed unexpectedly.

The hard drive was a Toshiba P300 with a capacity of 2TB, and was just under half full with data including family photos and financial documents. The client approached us after hard drive wouldn’t power up. Unfortunately, he hadn’t backed up the contents of the hard drive, so came to Data Recovery Specialists for help. Upon turning on the computer that housed the drive, the hard drive attempted to power up, but couldn’t. After checking the power cable was in correctly, the client got in touch with us.

The client was provided with a unique job reference number, which followed the hard drive throughout the data recovery process; this ensures that the hard drive’s whereabouts are known at all times, and any updates requested can be relayed back the client quickly. After sending the hard drive into our Cardiff office, it was sent to our data recovery lab for a diagnosis. After being assembled in our class 100 clean room – ensuring our data recovery technicians work in optimum conditions at all times – it was found that the hard drive’s heads were misaligned, preventing it from powering up. The client made the right decision to come to a professional data recovery service as soon as the fault was discovered, as any further attempts to power up the drive could have resulted in damage to the platters, jeopardising the data.

Our data recovery team replaced the damaged heads from our spares library, which contains more than 14,000 spare components. We provided the client with a no-obligation quote and a file listing, and after accepting the quote, the data was returned on a portable hard drive. In total, almost 1TB of data was recovered.

We provide a free diagnostic survey on all media sent in to our data recovery lab, and depending on the nature of the problem, may need to disassemble the media in order to ascertain the problem. Upon completion, an encrypted file listing will be sent, along with a no-obligation quote. The recovered data is then stored for 7 days, in order to give you some time to consider the quote. If accepted, the recovered data will be returned, either on a blank hard drive, or via an FTP server. If the quote is declined, the original media will be sent back free of charge via courier.

Data Recovery