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Seismic 3D marine survey

A data acquisition client approached us with their 3D marine survey off the Portuguese coast, taken in SEG-D (Unix OS) and recorded on IBM3592 300GB tapes. Their clients required two copies of the raw SEG-D data on hard disk drive. Each input tape contained one line of data, but each of their clients was only entitled to a certain shot point range and not the full line.

SEG-D is the most complicated of field formats to date. Firstly, it can contain either multiplexed or de-multiplexed data and secondly, it has so many variants and optional parts that it can vary greatly from one set of instruments to another. Our client's format contained shot point event time, source identifiers and latitude and longitude for the shot point. This is particularly useful for the QC of 3D processing.

We were requested to extract specific shot point ranges from the original tapes and create a partial data-set for their clients. This can be done on-board the survey vessel, but does create a significant workload for crew.

Partial tape shipments were received over a three week survey period. Whilst IBM stopped selling these drives in September 2006, we still support a range of compatible tape drives and were able to extract all the data without any data recovery issues. Once the data was extracted to our servers, we used the shot point range supplied by the client, to create the partial data-sets and copies. All 250 tapes were successfully created, indexed and shipped to the client within 4 weeks of survey.