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Electronic and firmware failures explained

Where the external electrical circuits have failed, recovery from a hard disk in these cases is the easiest to provide, as long as a replacement circuit board can be located. This is not as simple as it sounds, as each hard disk may go through many revisions during its life-cycle, and a revision specific printed circuit board must be held in our parts inventory, or available from our suppliers.

Electronic failure is normally easy to diagnose - often the hard disk will not spin and will not be recognised by the BIOS.

Hard disk firmware is the software code that controls, and is embedded in, the physical hard drive hardware. If the firmware of a hard disk becomes corrupted or unreadable the computer is often unable to correctly interact with the hard disk.

Frequently the data on the disk is fully recoverable once the drive has been repaired and reprogrammed. The hard disk will spin up when powered on, but be incorrectly recognised/not recognised at all by the computer.