Why Should I Choose Data Recovery Specialists?

At Data Recovery Specialists, our technicians work to the highest standard, using the latest technology in world-class facilities.

Who are Data Recovery Specialists?
Established in 1996, Data Recovery Specialists pride ourselves on being industry leaders in data recovery, working on devices like hard disk drives, solid-state drives, USB flash drives, SD cards, tapes, and more, In short – if it can store data, then Data Recovery Specialists will be able to take a look. We are committed to providing a simple, streamlined and professional data recovery service to all our clients, who range from multinational corporations and government agencies to individuals who need data recovering from a laptop.

Will my data be safe?
Regardless of whether you’re a corporation or home user, one key thing to look for when choosing a data recovery company is data security, and you can rest assured that we will always handle your data with the utmost confidentiality, adhering to strict data protection guidelines. Our data recovery team work in an ISO 270001 and 9001 accredited lab, which cover information security and management. Additionally, we adhere to the Association of Police Chief (ACPO) guidelines for handling electronic data. The Data Protection Act (2018) is also followed by all team members, whether they are admin staff, call handlers or data recovery technicians.

How do I get my device to you?
You can get in touch with Data Recovery Specialists by phoning us on 0800 223 0162, or filling in online contact form, which will be sent through to our customer service team who will give you a call back on the number you provide. Our base of operations is in South Wales, and there are a number of ways to get your device to us if you want our data recovery team to take a look at your device. You can send it yourself via courier, or alternatively, we can arrange for it to be collected from your home on the same day, free of charge. We also have small offices based all over the UK, in London, Croydon, Glasgow, Southampton, Newcastle, Liverpool and Nottingham. If it is more convenient to drop your device off at one of these locations, you can do so.

How much will it cost to look at my device?
Your device will be given a unique job reference number, which will follow it throughout its time with us. We don’t charge anything upfront, unless in situations which require parts to be ordered in, but this will all be explained before you send your device to us. We provide a free evaluation on all devices, as opposed to charging a diagnostic fee as we did in the past, which some data recovery companies still do. While we have a high data recovery success rate, unfortunately there are occasions when we are unable to get data from a device. We don’t believe it is fair on our customers to charge anything if we can’t get any data from the device, which is why our free diagnostic service is available to all customers. No data means no fee, and in the event that data recovery is deemed unsuccessful, we will return your device to you free of charge, along with a summary of what is wrong with it. If we can get your data back, we will provide a no-obligation quote. The exact price will depend on the type of device and what exactly is wrong with it, so it’s difficult to pin it down.

What facilities do your data recovery team work in?
There are three data recovery teams that work on devices in our lab, all with different skillsets. Our initial assessment team will be the first to examine your device upon entry to the data recovery lab, to see if there is anything non-intrusive that can be done to get your data back. If this is unsuccessful, it will be sent to our continued assessment team, who work in our class 100 clean room to ensure the correct environment at all times. This will involve taking your device apart and getting to grips with what exactly is wrong. We aim to get all physical data recovery work done within 72 hours, although it will often be much faster than this. Our specialist assessment team may have to take a look at your device if more extensive work is required, or if your device is older.

Want to find out more about the data recovery process? Check out the video below.