When to call an expert?

If you work for a medium to large company, the chances are they’ve got an internal IT department. You’ll have encountered a similar department if you’re a university or college student, too. These in-house teams are there to deal with issues relating to the workings of your computer, and are often perfectly qualified to deal with minor hardware and software repairs.

However, when it comes to data recovery, many IT professionals are out of their depth; data recovery is a specialist skill that requires the correct skills and facilities.

Where the issue is logical (i.e. not physical but rather an accidentally deleted file, for example), data recovery can be performed by IT professionals with no experience, not to mention home users, using software like TestDisk or EaseUS. But for hardware related problems, data recovery should only be attempted by a professional in the correct conditions, and any amateur attempt will decrease the chances of a successful recovery.

The first step for is recognising the problem. Is your hard drive making more noise than usual, perhaps a clicking noise? Was there a physical shock to the drive or laptop? Has the drive been exposed to moisture or high temperatures? If the answer to any of these is yes, it’s highly probable that your drive is suffering from a physical failure. Attempting a home/amateur data recovery is only going to do more harm – contact a data recovery specialist immediately to preserve your data.