Tracking software for laptops…

With so many mobile users, one of the obvious risks to enterprise data is fear of laptop theft. However system administrators can soften the blow by simply using tracking software or laptop finders. Whilst organisations will rarely recover their hardware, this does protect the data especially against ‘rogue’ employees.

Most tracking software relies on an internet connection and an explicit instruction to active protection measures. It normally will work silently ‘behind the scenes’ so as not to alert the thief. However you can opt for software that does the reverse and relies on the fear factor - sending a ‘stolen computer’ alert or even texting the thief thereby preventing the laptop’s resale.

Some software will only use one approach to track stolen laptops, but the best on the market will combine Global Positioning System (GPS), Wi-Fi and IP geolocation to give a precise location to within ten metres! With a Wi-Fi connection software can support remote locking to prevent unauthorised access of confidential data and permanently erase sensitive data. Lastly owners can access the webcam to take a photograph of the thief.

There are many products supporting the features listed above. Some basic editions are even free. Most owners would agree that their data is priceless. Laptop recovery rates are very low, even despite tracking software. However you need to be sure that data protection is your number one priority!