The world's first 1TB SD card

Who needs the delete button anyway? SanDisk have recently unveiled the world’s largest capacity SD card – with a whopping 1TB of storage! That’s some step up from the company’s first SD card 16 years ago, which had a capacity of just 64MB, and double that of their 512GB card we’ve written about before.

The unprecedented SD card – named the 1TB SanDisk Extreme Pro SDXC - was unveiled by the flash memory giant late last year at the Photokina photography show, essentially doubling the capacity of the largest card available. However, for people who need an SD card with such a high storage capacity, you’ll have to wait – currently, this is in the prototype stage, and SanDisk don’t know when it will become available commercially.

It’s unknown what speeds the card will be capable of, although the ‘SDXC I’ logo on the card that was demoed at the event provides a hint – these cards typically hit transfer rates of between 50 and 104MB/second. The card also bares the ‘Extreme Pro’ subtitle, which is indicative of a higher-end device. The price is also unknown at this point. However, the SanDisk Extreme PRO 512 GB SDXC UHS-I card, which is the next step down, retails for £368, so it won’t be cheap!