The latest threat to Macs…

A new version of malware known as ‘Flashback’ is targeting Mac users. ‘Flashback’ exploits a security issue in Java and installs itself on systems running OS X Lion and Mac OS X v10.6. Thankfully a simple software update exists which will remove the ‘Flashback’ malware even if Java is not installed.

By default, Macs automatically search for software updates each week but many users bypass this in the Software Update preferences. However the best way to keep your Mac secure is by running these software updates when you receive a notification.

‘KeRanger’ is also targeting Mac computers by encrypting a user’s data and then demanding a ransom to unlock the data. This is the first ‘ransomware’ to effect Apple’s Mac computers. It infects your computer through a copy of Transmission – a BitTorrent file sharing network. Thankfully Transmission have removed the malicious version of it’s software and if you think you are infected, immediately install the new version 2.92. ‘KeRanger’ is designed to sit in the background for a few days until released on a user’s computer. So you may be able to catch it before it is unleashed. If you downloaded Transmission BitTorrent on Friday or Saturday, chances are that your computer is infected and the ransom will be unleashed very soon!

Apple have invoked the certificate and distributed an XProtect update, so if you are opening an infected version of the Transmission app you will receive a warning dialogue. Pay heed and make sure you download the latest version straight away!