The cons of the cloud

Today, many of us rely on cloud storage to store our precious photos, videos, songs and other files. It’s a largely smooth, reliable service that has become embedded in our lives. While there are many pros to switching to cloud storage – notably cheaper running costs and more reliability – your data is only 99.9% safe.

Like all areas of data loss, whether it’s a hard drive, an SD card or the cloud, human error is perhaps the most common cause. One such example of this occurred in April this year when 123-reg accidentally deleted 67 servers with a clean-up script, affecting thousands of customers. They were quick to point out that this was only 67 out of 115,000 European servers, and only a handful of clients were affected. Downtime is still inevitable despite the rise in cloud technology over the past few years.

A 2016 study (link) found that data breaches were the main challenge facing a company’s decision to switch to cloud storage. Because the cloud can be accessed anywhere, and holds vast amounts of data, it can be an appealing target for hackers. It’s also difficult for IT managers who has access, and from when and where they should be allowed to.