The Best Data Recovery Software in 2022

Used properly, data recovery software can be a valuable tool to have on standby, ready to try in the event of a data loss emergency.

While data recovery software won’t work 100% of the time, there are scenarios where it can come in handy. It is worth noting that data recovery software can’t perform miracles; if your hard drive or other device is physically damaged, data recovery software won’t work. In fact, you’ll only make the situation worse and limit the chance of a successful data recovery by a professional. Anything non-physical, such as accidental file deletion, file corruption, and deleted partitions, is potentially reversible. However, no data recovery software has a 100% success rate, and it is no magic bullet. Here are our top two picks for the best data recovery software in 2022.

Stellar Data Recovery
Stellar Data Recovery is one of the most popular data recovery tools out there, and for good reason. This powerful data recovery software, loved by home users and professionals alike, is able to perform various data recovery scans dependent on the user’s need. If, for example, you have just accidentally deleted a file and immediately realised, you do not need to perform a full and lengthy scan. Advanced search capabilities mean the most critical data can be identified and recovered, and support for all file formats and media types such as hard drives, solid-state drives, USB flash drives, SD cards, as well as optical media like CDs make this a great all-round data recovery software. However, one downside is that deep scans can be slow. An annual license for Stellar Data Recovery is £80. There is also a free data recovery option, but this only allows uses to recover up to1GB of data.

Data Recovery

EaseUS Data Recovery
The main advantage of EaseUS is the fantastic user interface, by far the best of any of the data recovery software we’ve seen. Features of EaseUS include undeleting files, repairing damaged files, lost partition recovery, and email recovery from Outlook. This data recovery software allows the user to preview a file before fully recovering it, ensuring you know you’re getting what you want returned. This data recovery tool offers three scanning modes – quick, deep and raw. The quick scan feature allows you to undelete files and folders that have been lost, for example, following accidental deletion. The deep scanning mode, as the name suggests, performs a more in-depth scan, and allows the data recovery software to find files and folders that the quick scan cannot. The raw scan takes this even further, however this can take several hours for a 500GB hard drive. There is a version of EaseUS that allows for free data recovery, however this is limited to 2GB worth. A full license can be purchased for £60 a month or £85 for a year, with the latter clearly being better value for money; a lifetime upgrade can be purchased for £130.

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