Storage on the PS5 and Xbox Series X

External drives are a simple and effective way to increase the amount of games you can store at any one time for your PS5 or Xbox Series X. However, there are limitations with both consoles.

The PS5 contains an 825GB NVMe SSD, offering super-fast load times. However, the console only has around 667.2GB of usable memory, thanks for a significant chunk being required for various system files, as well as the PS5’s operating system. The PS5 also has a dedicated internal slot that can fit an M.2 SSD, but currently, there is no way of using this slot for more storage since it is disabled out of the box, with Sony stating it is for a future update. So, for now, you’re limited to the PS5’s internal storage, and an external drive if you need it. However, there is a significant catch: Sony only allows you to store PS4 games on external drives. While many PS4 games will look and perform better with the improved hardware the PS5 offers, this is a significant drawback when you consider that games in excess of 100GB are not uncommon. When it comes to choosing whether to opt for a hard disk drive (HDD) or solid-state drive (SSD), don’t discount the former if you’re on a budget.

With the Xbox Series X, you’re looking at around 802GB of usable storage space, with 364GB for the more affordable Xbox Series S. Xbox Series S games are around 30% smaller, due to them not being developed for 4K resolution, which will save on some space. But like the PS5, your Xbox Series X’s or Xbox Series S’s internal drive is likely to fill up fast; Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War can use as much as 187GB. However, unlike the PS5, Microsoft has given users the option to add more internal storage in the form of the £220 Seagate Expansion Card. This provides extra storage, runs at the same speed as the built-in SSD, and slots in neatly like a memory card. If this seems like a slightly steep price tag for more storage, you can opt for an external drive. Games made for the current generation of consoles will be storable on external drives, however, they will need to be transferred to the console’s internal storage in order for them to be played.

To summarise: Sony don’t allow you to store PS5 games on internal drives, only PS4, while Sony allow you expand the Xbox Series X’s internal storage and store games on external drives. So, what about choosing external drives? If you want a drive that is high capacity and cheap – and you’re not worried too much about load times – then an HDD isn’t a bad choice. The Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB is currently available on Amazon for just £65, and will provide plenty of space for your PS4 or Xbox Series X games. If you’re looking for something a bit speedier and don’t mind paying a bit more, the Samsung T7 portable 1TB SSD is a solid choice, and it’s available for £156 on Amazon.

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