Solving SD Card Problems

SD cards are a versatile way to store digital media like photos or videos in devices like cameras, camcorders, phones and MP3 players. Here are some of the common reasons why an SD might stop working.

Firstly, you need to rule out a problem with your card reader. If the card works with your device – like your digital camera – then it’s safe to say the device you’re using to connect your SD card to your computer is at fault. A quick workaround is to connect the device with the SD card in to your computer, effectively using the device as a card reader.

Some laptops and desktops have a built-in SD card reader. Try connecting another memory card to make sure it isn’t broken. If the second card doesn’t work either, you’ll need to get your card reader repaired. If it does, then you know your original SD card is at fault.

Formatting can sometimes render an SD card unreadable on another computer, and the card may be formatted so it works on that device and nothing else. Similarly, if your SD card isn’t working with your smartphone, it’s likely that it’s been formatted for a device your phone doesn’t support. One fix for this is to format the SD card correctly, although be aware that this will erase the data stored on the card, so only do this as a last resort.

If you’re having trouble modifying data on the SD card, a common issue is the write-protection switch. If this is set to ‘lock’, you won’t be able to change or delete anything on the card. Try using the card again to see if this fixes the issue.

If none of these solutions work for you, you may have to replace the SD card. Extensive use, along with exposure to high temperatures or humidity, can cause SD card failure. Like all forms of storage media, general use over time can cause an SD card to fail. While SD cards can be replaced cheaply, it could fail with your precious photos, videos or contacts on. At Data Recovery Specialists we deal with SD cards on a regular basis and have a high success rate when it comes to recovering data, so get in touch if you have a failed SD card.

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