Recover music from your iPod…

iTunes is designed to transfer data to a user’s iOS device, but not the other way. When you connect a different device to the host computer, iTunes will want to erase all the data and sync with the new library. What if your computer has failed or is stolen and you want to populate iTunes from your iPod or iPhone?

Firstly prepare the device by going to [Devices] tab on the preferences panel and ensure the box [Prevent iPods, iPhones and iPads from syncing automatically] is enabled. You can then connect the device, safe in the knowledge that the contents won’t be erased!

Transferring your purchases from the Apple Store can be done through the menu [File>Devices>Transfer Purchases from…DeviceName]. Where your iPod holds purchases from more than one account you will need to do this step for every account.

Next backup the device by right clicking on it and selecting [BackUp]. It might be best to copy your photos and videos to a separate location. Where you have ripped music from CD or downloaded from other online store, you will need to go back to the original sources for this. Unfortunately iTunes only allows the transfer of purchases.

Now you will need to Sync the iPod or iPhone. If you receive an erase and sync warning, provided you have recovered all the content you can proceed. Your device should be properly associated with the new library and all your data is safe! To avoid future problems, keep a backup of your iTunes library. To a separate hard drive or network shared storage. SyncToy is a useful utility to do this.