Preparing your hard drive for selling

While many people assume that highlighting all the files, right clicking, and pressing delete will erase their hard drive, this isn’t the case.

While formatting is undoubtedly a better option, it still doesn’t completely wipe the data. Reformatting erases the address table – which contains the data location in the hard drive – but similarly this can be recovered using professional software.

The only way to truly erase your data in a secure way (while preserving the hard drive’s functionality) is disk erasing. Disk erasing overwrites old data with new data. All binary data, right down to 0’s and 1’s, must be overwritten. Luckily, this process is simple and can be done with free software. HDDerase is a freeware utility that can securely erase hard drives by invoking the secure erase function present in most hard drives made after 2001. It’s simple to use – after selecting the drive to erase, simply press Y and enter to proceed.