Our Data Recovery Tools and Facilities

Our team of data recovery specialists are on hand 24/7 to deal with your problems. With 40 years experience, we offer data recovery from any form of damaged or corrupted storage medium. But what does our data recovery lab look like?

We have a number of tools that our data recovery technicians use to swiftly repair media that has suffered from physical damage. We use standard data recovery tools like soldering irons and stereoscopic microscopes, as well as more advanced data recovery tools like our PC-3000 flash spider board adapter that is used to recover data that would otherwise be unrecoverable. All of our data recovery work that involves physically taking media apart is undertaken in our Class 100 data recovery clean room, that ensures our engineers will be able to work in a contaminant-free environment. Hard drives are assembled in similar conditions, and if the assemble environment isn’t 100% clean, it can lead to physical hard drive damage. Just one tiny particle of dust or smoke could lead to a devastating head crash, which is a common hard drive fault our data recovery engineers see. Class 100 means the room is filtered constantly to ensure that there are no more than 100 dust particles per cubic foot. If you’re thinking about undertaking data recovery at home, you should really think about just how much dust is in the air; the read/write heads in your hard drive only hover a few nanometres above the magnetic platters.

The popularity of solid state drives (SSDs) is still growing at an amazingly-fast rate, and the technology is used by an increasing number of businesses and home users. Whereas hard disk drives store data linearly on magnetic platters, solid state drives store data on NAND flash chips in numerous locations. As such, the data recovery tools for SSDs are very different. SSD data recovery typically involves soldering connectors to the flash chips to directly interrogate them, but that is an invasive procedure. Our technicians use the latest SSD data recovery technology – our PC-3000 Flash Spider Board. By completely removing the need to solder, the adapter has allowed our data recovery team to have a much higher success rate when retrieving data from SSDs and other flash-based storage devices like USB flash drives and SD cards.  

With decades of experience under our belts, and the latest in data recovery technology, we can recover data from just about any device.

Data Recovery