Introducing the PC-3000 adaptor for flash devices

The PC-3000 Flash Spider Board adapter is a revolutionary new tool that the technicians at Data Recovery Specialists have recently started utilising, which enables us to recover data that previous would have been unrecoverable.

Memory chips used in USB flash drives and SD cards are prone to degradation, controller failure and power surges. They are incredibly fragile devices, and are damaged very easily. Data recovery from flash storage often requires the removal and direct interrogation of the memory chip by soldering connectors to the chip.

By removing need to solder the technological pinouts, the PC-3000 adaptor has allowed us to increase success rates by more than 40%. The adapter used 25 specialised needles to connect to the pinouts, and can be used to recover data from partially damaged or erased SD cards and USB flash drives. With this new technology, flash data recovery is a lot simpler.

flash data recovery