Introducing SanDisk's 1TB SD card

SanDisk have recently unveiled the biggest SD card yet – with a whopping 1TB of storage. The SDXC card is only a prototype at the moment, so it has no release date or price attached to it, but this is still impressive.

Owned by Western Digital, SanDisk introduced the first 64MB SD card 16 years ago – note that this is megabyte not gigabyte as we’re used to today. Two years ago, they debuted the first 512GB SD card, with this new prototype almost doubling their previous effort’s memory.

SanDisk have been developing higher capacity SD cards in recent years due to the increasingly popular 4K video format. Since that technology has become commonplace, 8K video has hit the market, along with 360-degree video and virtual reality. All of these formats require way more than your average SD card.

But what are the cons of having such a huge capacity SD card? Well for a start, it’s likely to come with a hefty price tag attached – SanDisk’s 512GB Extreme Pro SD card costs around £300. There’s also the usual problems associated with flash storage, namely the risk of media degradation. With such a high amount of storage, many users may simply keep all their photos on the card, and forget to back up. In the event of data loss, this would be catastrophic.