How to Choose a Data Recovery Company

If you’ve lost some data and want it recovering, it is imperative you choose a quality data recovery service that will treat your device with care. Here are four key things to look out for.

Knowledge and skills: can data be recovered from my device?
There are so many different types of storage media, from hard disk drives (HDDs), solid-state drives (SSDs) and USB flash drives, to RAID systems and tape drives. If you want some data recovered, particularly if it is from a legacy storage medium, it is useful to know if your chosen data recovery service can actually repair and read your device. Established in 1996, Data Recovery Specialists have worked with pretty much every storage device you can think of. Tape drives are a common sight in the data recovery lab, and we are sometimes even tasked with recovering data from floppy disks. In short, if it stores data, there’s a high chance that Data Recovery Specialists will be able to recover it. With our free diagnosis, it costs nothing for us to check.

Transparency: how long will data recovery take, and how much will it cost?
Ideally you want to choose a professional data recovery service that can take the time to carefully look at your device, but is also as fast as possible, and at an affordable price. Many data recovery companies will also charge a diagnosis fee, payable upfront, regardless of whether they can get your data back. At Data Recovery Specialists, we believe that the best model for ourselves and our customers is to provide a free data recovery diagnosis, followed by a no-obligation quote. This quote can then be accepted or declined as you wish. This way, there are no hidden charges, and you won’t pay a penny if we can’t recover any data. In terms of costs, it is difficult to say before we see your device, hence our free data recovery diagnosis. Time frames can similarly vary based on the complexity of the case, but generally we aim to get our diagnostic reports back to our customers within 48 hours, although it is often much quicker.

Facilities and skills: is my device being treated with care?
Hard drives in particular are not designed to be disassembled, and doing so in incorrect conditions can cause further damage. Similarly, if devices are taken apart by individuals with little technical knowledge, there is a risk that your data will be rendered unrecoverable. With decades of experience, the technicians at Data Recovery Specialists will handle your device with care. All physical hard drive data recovery work is done in our class 100 clean room, which emulates the environment in which hard drives are assembled in. While not a vacuum, our clean room filters the air so that there are always fewer than 100 particles per square foot, although with added precautions such as sticky mats, there will typically be far fewer.

Data protection: will my data be safe?
In today’s digital age, your storage device is likely to have sensitive or confidential data stored on it. It is therefore vital that you choose a data recovery company with a solid data protection strategy, adhering to the latest laws and regulations. Data Recovery Specialists can guarantee that your data will be treated with the utmost care, and all of our data recovery technicians, call handlers and admin staff strictly adhere to the Data Protection Act (2018) and GDPR regulations. Additionally, our data recovery lab is ISO 270001 (information security) and 9001 (information management) accredited, and our team adhere to the Association of Police Chief (ACPO) guidelines for handling electronic data. In short – you can trust Data Recovery Specialists with your data.

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