Hardware rebuild of solid-state-disk...

After receiving an unresponsive solid-state-disk, our engineers advised the client that it would need a full hardware rebuild. The chances of recovery were only 50% and without the necessary parts this would prove uneconomical. As it stands, we would class this as a no recovery; however where data is extremely important we do offer an alternative where by we ask for the cost of parts upfront. Whilst our library does stock over fourteen thousand hard drives, in less than 5% of instances we need to order specialist components to complete a data recovery.

To attempt the recovery the engineers had to firstly de-solder the VRM and NAND Flash Memory chips from the SSD. Once completed a layer of the surface was removed by a laser and the chips re-soldered and harvested in to an identical donor SSD. The identical SSD was purchased direct from the manufacturer which did delay the process by 10 working days.

The new SSD was channeled through our Data Extractor via brass wires to create an RAW image of the information. Once the data parameters had been calculated, a further low level scan located the data. Once the donor hard drive was received the process was expedited through our emergency service at no extra charge. This meant that the hardware rebuild was completed within 10 hours and the data extraction a further 8 hours. Therefore the whole process was completed within a day of receipt, much to the gratitude of our happy client!