Hard Drive Recovery and Firmware Failure

Often, hard drive recovery involves repairing the drive’s firmware. But what exactly is the ‘firmware’, and why is it vital to data recovery?

Essentially, a hard drive’s firmware is the data written to the platters, a sort of ‘micro-code’, or rather, its own little operating system, that tells the drive how to function. Obviously, if the hard drive’s firmware fails, you’re going to require hard drive recovery. The firmware is in the form of tiny, executable programs that control the functionality of your hard disk drive, and is basically the brain of the drive – without the firmware, your hard drive is just a shell with mechanical components inside. Although we deal with a lot of physical hard drive recovery problems – like head crashes or motor failures – our hard drive recovery team also see a lot of hard drives that have suffered firmware failures.

So how would you know that your hard drive’s firmware had failed, and that you’d need a hard drive recovery service? Although it can be difficult to diagnose a firmware problem, there are some tell tale signs. If your drive is running slowly, or not running properly, this could be indicative of a firmware failure. More serious problems that could suggest firmware failure are the drive not initialising upon bootup, or simply not being recognised by your machine at all. With Western Digital hard drives, a firmware failure can often produce a clicking noise, that can sound very similar to a head crash.

When your computer’s operating system fails, it can be very easy to repair. But when your hard drive firmware – essentially it’s own mini operating system – fails, it isn’t as simple, and you’ll need to consult a professional hard drive recovery service. There are no easy, at-home techniques for hard drive recovery in the case of a firmware failure. Very often, there isn’t anything to worry about; the firmware is separate from your data. The chances are, if your hard drive has suffered from a damaged firmware failure, hard drive recovery will lead to the retrieval of the majority of your data if successful.

Data Recovery Specialists are experts in hard drive recovery, and can repair damaged hard drive firmware from all major hard drive manufacturers including Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba, Hitachi and Maxtor. Get in touch now on 0800 223 0162 for a free hard drive recovery diagnosis and quote. Only if the hard drive recovery is successful will you pay anything.  

Hard Drive Recovery