Five Great Free Data Recovery Programs

At some point, no matter how careful you are with your data, you still lose them. You may lose your important data from the hard disk as you accidentally pressed the Delete key. Thus, viruses or software bug can corrupt your hard disk, mobile phones, USB sticks and others. In this kind of situation, you are need of reliable data recovery apps for you to recover your data effortlessly at any cost.

Today, the data recovery process becomes handy. Losing your vital data can be devastating on your part. But, through data recovery apps you get no so much worry the next time you lose them again. Below is the list of the best data recovery apps you can choose from.

Stellar Data Recovery

From the name itself, Stellar Data Recovery offers you a stellar performance in recovering your data. There are times that once you delete your files, you regret and Stellar will help you bring them back. This is a type of program that is risk free helping you recover your lost data from various types of storage devices such as smartphones, USB drives, SD cards, hard disks and more. Thus, by using Stellar, you get simple process for recovery where you need is to download it, scan and you may start recovering your past data.


Recuva is considered as one of the best data recovery applications for it has the ability to restore your files from memory cards, CD/DVD, hard drives, and other external drives. It has the ability to recover data from newly formatted or damaged files and it has an advanced deep scan mode. Thus, it has a secure overwrite feature which uses military and industry standard deletion techniques and is with easy user interface.


PhotoRec is one of the most popular data recovery apps due to its powerful file recovery over an extensive variety of devices such as hard disks and digital cameras. It is specifically created to recover data like photos, videos, documents and many more from CD-ROMs and hard disks. This data recovery app comes with the amazing ability to recover over 440 various file format and quite compatible with most of the major platforms such as Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and more. Photo data recovery has never been easier!

Undelete 360

Although Undelete 360 may look as an ordinary Office application, this data recovery program is actually built on a fast but with efficient algorithm enabling the users to undelete their files. Another, it is included with data-wiping tool and a Hex Viewer with the ability to preview your files before the recovery. It efficiently works with different devices such as memory cards, digital cameras, UBs, computer hard drives and smartphones and also have the ability to recover files of different types such as AVI, HTML, DOC, PNG, JPEG and more.


As an open source application which is created to get back your lost partitions or even fix your non-booting disks. This data recovery application helps you to fix and recover the deleted partition tables and is quite reliable to undelete files from NTFS, exFAT, FAT and ext2 file system. And, it is quite available to different major platforms such as Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows and more.

Regardless of the data you need to recover, there is a perfect data recovery app for you. So, don’t let yourself get stressed!