Developing new data recovery tools...

In our quest to ensure the best possible service for all media types, we are constantly developing our own data recovery tools and handlers. Recently we were sent a Travan 40Gb IDE interface dating back to the early 1990s.

There are no data recovery tools for the IDE, only for SCSI interfaces. Therefore our own developers are writing handlers to extract the data from the raw image that we have obtained. Our developers work hand-in-hand with the data recovery engineers. Often complex software corruption requires an in depth knowledge of the source code and we work with literally hundreds of languages and compression algorithms.

Writing scripts and handlers to automate processes and repair corruption can be a lengthy process and for this particular client, the recovery took over 4 weeks. Nevertheless, our policy dictates that we never give up on a recovery simply for economical reasons. If we think the data is recoverable we will spend the time and effort required, even if this may seem uneconomical in the short term. Thankfully we recovered all the data for the client and we can now boast support for IDE Travan drives!