Data Recovery with Disk Drill

There are tonnes of great free data recovery tools out there, but very often, they’re Windows only. But Disk Drill is a powerful data recovery program that allows you to undelete files on Mac machines as well as Windows. So how does this free data recovery software fare?

Disk Drill is a great data recovery tool that can find and undelete files, and even whole partitions. The file systems this data recovery software supports are wide-ranging – FAT, exFAT, HFS+ and Linux EXT2/3/4. With most people, data recovery comes as a unpleasant shock, so they won’t have data recovery software like Disk Drill installed on their machine. If you have lost data and want to undelete files, but don’t have data recovery software installed – DON’T install it on your primary hard drive where your lost data is kept. You really don’t want to risk overwriting your precious data, ironically, with data recovery software.

There are two ways you can go about this. Firstly, and probably the easiest, install Disk Drill data recovery on your hard drive right now. That means, if you need to undertake data recovery, it’s ready and waiting and already taking up space on your hard drive. The second option is to install Disk Drill data recovery onto an external device, like a USB flash drive or external USB hard drive. Again, this will ensure the data recovery will go as smooth as possible.

Although at first, the Disk Drill interface might seem complicated, it really is one of the most simple data recovery programmes to use. The programme can scan and undelete files from any storage that can connect to your machine – that includes hard disk drives, USB flash drives, external USB hard drives, SD cards and solid state drives. This powerful data recovery programme can recover data or undelete files that have vanished after a variety of situations – accidentally emptied recycle bin, partition damage, virus/malware attack to name just a few. Disk Drill offers a quick and deep data recovery scan, in cases where your data was accidentally lost moments ago. The chances of a successful data recovery are higher the quicker you act, so you can be sure no new data has overwritten the portion of the hard drive where your deleted data was stored.

Another unique feature of this data recovery program is that it can protect your data from being deleted in the first place, preventing you from needing data recovery in the first place. Disk Drill’s Recovery Vault keeps copies of the properties of files and folders that are deleted by users, protecting your data from accidental deletion. With this database, it will take a matter of seconds to undertake data recovery and undelete files that have gone.

Disk Drill is by no means the only data recovery programme out there – we’ve looked at loads of great free data recovery software over recent months. If all else fails and you’re at a lose end after trying data recovery software, get in touch with Data Recovery Specialists – we have tools that are infinitely more powerful than data recovery software you can download online.

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