Data recovery prices...

Data loss is devastating and recovering those files can sometimes be expensive. If you’re reading this, chances are you have attempted many ways to get your data back and now need professional assistance. Clearly you must put a price on your data but remember, data recovery is not an easy task. Your media is not designed to be disassembled. It is an intricate device with data densities of up to 1.34 terrabits per inch and track separation of 4.0 – 4.5 nanomillimetres.

Data recovery is a specialist process. Technology is constantly changing and we must invest in research if we are to stay ahead of the curve. Similarly, computer scientists and specialist data extraction tools are costly. Just because someone on YouTube has had some success with a DIY data recovery technique, don’t be fooled. We shred hundreds of hard drives where DIY data recovery attempts have rendered data unrecoverable. Just ask your local computer expert. There won’t be many (if any) that would expect to repair a mechanically failed hard drive.

When choosing a data recovery expert, don’t pay for fees up front. On rare occasions where there may be a cost to purchase unique parts, this should always be a voluntary payment with no obligation. Similarly don’t expect to pay per gigabyte of recovered data. The work involved is broadly the same regardless of the quantity of data.

We make our money from recovering data, not hammering clients for hidden charges. Hence we need to achieve high data recovery success rates, or we wouldn’t be in business very long! We try to give clients a typical price for data recovery when they call. It is simply not economical for us to undertake lots of data recovery work where there no chance of selling the data!