Data recovery partner service…

Often we are asked to repair or reconfigure hardware after the data recovery process. Mainly rebuilding laptops or desktops and installing operating systems and applications to minimise downtime. However this is not a service we offer and users like to speak to a local expert. Hence our data recovery partner program….

We are searching for partners throughout the UK to whom we can refer these requests. In return we hope that these partners will think about us whenever they receive a data recovery request. With thousands of enquiries each year for IT support, we hope to refer business back to our partners, Below is a brief outline of the benefits of partnership for IT companies:

1. Benefit from referred business. We do not repair hardware or solve software issues, merely recover data. Our sales consultants will refer users with these problems to their local partner.

2. Earn increased revenue. Users often want a local data recovery service. Partners can resell these jobs or benefit from commission.

3. Increase your SERPS ranking. Have your business added to our website and benefit from the strong Link Influence Score (LIS) which that will bring, thereby helping push your website up the search engine listings.

4. Expert knowledge. Speak to your own dedicated consultant and benefit from our online blog with data recovery expert opinion, tutorials and reviews.

5. Our partner directory will be forwarded to every data recovery enquiry, so users can identify a trusted IT support company in their area.

There is no sign up process or obligation. We simply want to add partners to our directory so we can refer our client’s IT support enquiries to a local expert. If you would like to know more about becoming a partner call Aran Pitter on 02920 100982 or email