Data Recovery: Hard Disk Recovery

Hard drive recovery is our bread and butter – most of our data recovery work involves repairing and retrieving data from hard disk drives. That’s why we have a reputation as being one of the best data recovery services in the UK.  

Hard disk recovery is our expertise – and we can recover your data from any hard drive make or brand, size or type, including Seagate, Toshiba, Western Digital, Maxtor and Hitachi. Our data recovery technicians have honed their skills over a combined period of decades in order to provide the best quality data recovery service for our clients. Our hard drive recovery services are designed to recover data for our clients in the fastest possible time, typically no more than 48 hours. We undertake data recovery for all manner of clients, both business and home users, and we provide hard drive data recovery solutions for a whole host of scenarios. Our data recovery lab and specially-trained team of data recovery technicians have the skills, knowledge, tools and expertise to undertake hard disk recovery even in complex scenarios.

Hard disk drives are incredibly delicate pieces of technology, so data recovery should only be carried out by experts in specially controlled conditions. Perhaps the most common hard disk failure we see is the head crash. This is caused by the hard drive’s read/write heads crashing onto the magnetic platter below, where all your precious data is stored. As you can imagine, this is not good! Data recovery following a head crash requires our skilled team of data recovery professionals to disassemble the drive in our Class 100 clean room lab; this ensures the data recovery is taking place in a contaminant-free environment.

Our data recovery lab is the place you want your hard disk recovery to take place – we’re equipped to repair hard drives that have suffered from head crashes, motor failures and more. Get in touch with Data Recovery Specialists now for a free data recovery diagnosis, quote and file listing. If the data recovery isn’t unsuccessful – you won’t pay a penny. 

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