Data Recovery from a Lenovo Portable Hard Drive

A customer recently sent in a physically damaged Lenovo hard drive, and our data recovery team were about to recover 100% of the data.

Our office received a call from a customer who had heard a slight grinding/beeping noise when powering up his 500GB Lenovo ThinkPad external hard drive. Sensing something was wrong, and not wanting to damage the drive, he asked us to have a look and if possible, recovery the data stored on it. We arranged for the drive to be collected from the customer’s home, where it was then taken to our data recovery lab. We don’t ask for up-front charges for a data recovery diagnosis, so our data recovery team began work inspecting the drive as soon as it arrived into the lab.

Strange, new noises coming from a hard drive are rarely a good sign, and can indicate that an imminent physical failure like a head crash or spindle motor failure is about to occur. There should be come noise coming from your machine, such as when you start it up, or are trying to access large files such as videos. There will also be the sound of the fan, which can sometimes become clogged with dust, which many confuse for their hard drive. However, your hard drive itself should make a faint humming sound. This customer’s hard drive was a portable one, so it was easier to identify the noise as coming from it rather than the fan.

Our data recovery team began inspecting the hard drive to see what the cause of the noise could be. The drive was disassembled in our class 100 clean room, ensuring the environment was as clean and contaminant-free as possible. There were no obvious signs of damage to the hard drive’s magnetic platters, but upon closer inspection, it transpired that the drive’s heads were slightly misaligned. While the hard drive could have been usable for a bit longer, and the data could be manually copied over to a new drive, the client requested that we use our specialist tools and equipment to recover the data, since it was a backup of important files. From our library of spare parts, a donor drive was found, and the heads swapped. The drive was then carefully imaged byte by byte, and the data transferred to a blank external hard drive provided by the customer; it was then sent back by recorded delivery.

Our data recovery diagnosis is free, and you’ll only be charged if and when we can recover any data. If we can’t get your data back, you won’t pay a thing. Get in touch with Data Recovery Specialists for a diagnosis and no-obligation quote to complete the data recovery.

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