Data recovery confidentiality...

With regards confidentiality, Data Recovery Specialists uses any information contained in the data, media and/or equipment provided to us only for the purpose of fulfilling the engagement, and will otherwise hold such customer information in the strictest confidence, unless the data is considered of a criminal nature. Indeed we have very strict security protocols which is why we are ISO accredited for Information Security.

As part of its confidentiality policy, Data Recovery Specialists agrees not to disclose any/all information or data files supplied with, stored on, or recovered from client equipment except to employees or agents of Data Recovery Specialists subject to confidentiality agreements or as required by law, without the consent of the client.

Any confidential information disclosed by customers under this agreement will remain the owner's sole property, and we shall employ reasonable measures to prevent the unauthorised use of customer information, which measures shall not be less than those measures employed by us in protecting our own confidential information.

Data Recovery Specialists agrees to only use authorised data recovery engineers, and that all media supplied to Data Recovery Specialists will be stored in a secure manner at one of its premises. The location of storage may not be the same as the location to which the media was originally shipped. We have a number of offices equipped with differing data recovery tools and staffed by engineers in a given specialty.

Data Recovery Specialists will not disclose confidential information except to employees or consultants reasonably requiring such information (and who have secrecy obligations to us) and not to any other party except as required by law. We will employ appropriate technical and organisational measures to safeguard any customer information, including personal data, and will act only on the instruction of the customer with respect to such information.