Data backup versus RAID storage

RAID data storage are routinely used as backup devices, but shouldn’t be relied upon in place of backup.

It’s true that RAID is extremely reliable. The inherent redundancy means that if a hard disk fails, the data will not be compromised. However, there’s still a plethora of others ways RAID can fail.

On the other hand, data backup is not designed to protect data like RAID. It’s there in the event of total data loss. RAID is designed to avoid that total loss as best as it can. RAID is not a backup. However, backup can be made simple using the cloud with application such as DropBox Business.

DropBox is easy to use and can backup unlimited quantities of data. On-demand is as simple as dragging and dropping target files into a DropBox folder. For businesses the DropBox backup tool automates backups directly from your RAID server. Where DropBox is different, is it’s range of business tools such as ‘Paper’. This is a collaboration platform where multiple users can work on the same document.

DropBox cuts through multiple operating systems, to sync files and folders between devices running different systems including Windows or macOS . The downside is that external or network drives can’t be included.

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