Best software for Apple Mac data recovery…

When choosing data recovery software it is important to make sure you have the best possible tools available. Otherwise you may be compromising your critical data. Consider the file types that you are trying to recover as some software is better than others at recovering specific file extensions. Other considerations include the success rates and the scan and recovery speeds. Lastly, the interface needs to be easy to use, especially if you are not familiar with the data recovery process.

In our opinion Data Rescue offers some of the best success rates and features available. When we tested a range of software utilities, the success rates for Data Rescue came out top for photos, documents, video and music files. Most utilities are very good at recovering photos anyway, simply because photos are relatively easy to decipher and recover. However other files are less easy to recover. Nevertheless, Data Rescue was able to recover 98% of the remaining data.

Installation of Data Rescue is very straightforward and refreshingly quick. As always though, make sure you install it on a different hard disk, not the drive you want to recover. Scanning is easy, as is the recovery process. Also it aims to recover all the file names, where other utilities often complete a RAW recovery. What’s more, it works equally as well on solid state disks SSDs and is somewhat quicker to scan. On hard disk drives the scan speed is around 95Gb per hour, whereas SSDs scan at nearer 200Gb an hour or more.

Support is excellent as well. There are loads of tutorials which cover subjects such as ‘how to recover data from the boot utility tool’. The intuitive interface and high success rates of Data Rescue, make this the best software for Apple Mac data recovery currently on the market.