Data Recovery Specialists offer one of the fastest and most efficient services for unexpected data loss and hard drive failure.

We are experts at data recovery from any media type, system or format. As you often only get one chance at recovery, you need to trust the most experienced data recovery company that you can find. Our service is completely transparent and we keep you informed from your initial enquiry, through the evaluation process to the return of your data.

Regardless of the problem, we can recover data from mechanical failures and head crashes, to logical failure and erased data. With proprietary data recovery technology specifically developed by our engineers, class 100 clean rooms and expertise that even the MOD and Police rely upon - you can be sure that we can recover your data quickly and securely. If we cannot recover your data, you do not pay - guaranteed!

Our data recovery portfolio includes

data recovery arrow  internal hard drives and external USB connected data drive recovery
data recovery arrow desktop and laptop recovery
data recovery arrow disk arrays, servers and RAID systems, including JBOD, network and direct attached storage NAS and SAN data recovery
data recovery arrow tablets and mobile phone data recovery
data recovery arrow removable media, USB memory sticks and SD cards data recovery
data recovery arrow encrypted and deleted data, securely erased data and physically destroyed data
data recovery arrow virtual machines, virtualised system recovery and VMWare data recovery