What will my technical assessment look like...

Generally speaking most data recovery assessments are free of charge. Where expensive donor parts must be purchased, we may ask for the cost of these up front, but this is rare. Completing the data recovery and providing a file listing can take anything from 12 hours to 5 days, but typically most are turned around within 48 hours. Below is a typical report.

Re: - Data Recovery Job Number- xxxxxx

The diagnosis has been completed on your damaged HDD and the technician has advised that we are looking to recover approx 219.4gb of data. A total of 2478 recoverable files.

The file structure appears to be intact. A file list link is attached for your perusal.


Please view think link via Firefox, Google chrome or Safari.
Integrity Report => 95%
The data will be extracted and returned once the payment has been received.
The cost to complete the recovery is as follows:

Data Recovery from hard drive:£295 + vat
A 20% discount is available if the payment is made today.
If the data is less than 59GB we can copy it on to USB free of charge.

If the data is more than 59gb then it will need to be copied onto a hard drive which you can provide or you can purchase one from us;
500GB Hard drive £60
1TB Hard drive £80
2TB Hard drive £100

This will take around 1-2 days to extract the data and get it back to yourselves