We have switched to USB 3.0 back up media...

Having listened to your feedback, Data Recovery Specialists are now offering 64Gb flash memory sticks to all our data recovery clients – absolutely free of charge. When any data is returned, we will always offer a back up copy on branded USB 3.0 memory stick, or even an external hard drive.

With speedy transfer speed that are four times faster than standard USB 2.0 (some claim ten times faster but we have yet to see proof), our new back up memory sticks offer up to 80Mb a second, which means you can up load your data and transfer massive files in seconds! The portable design means that you can travel with this data and never be without storage. Depending on the total size of your data recovery, we are offering clients choices of 8Gb, 32Gb and 64Gb (which equates to a maximum of 59Gb once formatted). Check first though. Does your computer or laptop support USB 3.0? If you don’t have a USB port that is coloured blue, let us know. It will still work in a USB 2.0 port but you won’t see the benefits in speed of transfer!

Previously we copied back up data to DVD, but our clients were telling us that this was unwieldy and was taking a long time to up load their information after a data loss scenario. Where data exceeded 4.7Gb, multiple DVDs were required making the process even more lengthy. Our new back up flash memory stick, means that all your information is on a single storage device and the file structure does not need to be separated.

We are still sending clients electronic file listings of their recoverable data, which are password protected and encrypted. This means that the data is completely safe – indeed only your technician has routine access to your data! All data is then verified for errors before being copied out. Now that we are using USB 3.0 the back up process is much faster, meaning that you will receive your data even quicker than before. Hopefully the switch to USB 3.0 is a winner for everybody!

If you have received our USB 3.0 back up flash storage, we would love to hear your comments. Please visit our client feedback form and let us know!