The Best Data Backup Software for Windows in 2021

Whether you’re a business or home user, having some form of backup strategy is vital to protect your data.

Unlike Apple, Microsoft don’t provide a backup solution built in to its flagship operating system, Windows. Luckily, plenty of vendors have stepped in, offering decent alternatives to Apple’s Time Machine backup software. Here, we go over two of the best data backup software for Windows; Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office, and EaseUS Todo Backup.

Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office
Formerly known as Acronis True Image, this software prides itself on being the only package to uniquely integrate both data protection and cyber security into one tool. Besides offering an incredible range of data backup tools, Acronis integrates security features too, protecting against malware such as ransomware. The logic behind this integration is that backups can be undertaken, and previous backups shielded, in the event of malware being detected. With a clean, intuitive interface, Acronis Cyber Protect is incredibly pleasing to look at, as well as being incredibly easy to use. First and foremost, this is data backup software, and Acronis Acronis Cyber Protect created image files from drives, partitions, or simply individual files and folders. These backups can be full, incremental, or differential. Full backup backs up everything, incremental backup backs up everything since the initial backup, and differential backup backs up everything since the initial backup. Acronis Cyber Protect allows you to schedule backups, and delete older backups when space runs low. You can back up to locations including external hard drives, network storage, and the cloud, with Acronis providing 1TB of cloud storage. On the anti-malware side, Acronis Cyber Protect blocks attacks in real-time, before attacks can cause damage. While this is a comprehensive data backup tool, the all-or-nothing installation may be off-putting to some home users who only want to back up their data. At £24.99.a year, this integrated backup and antivirus software is incredibly good value for money.

Best Data Backup Software

EaseUS Todo Backup
One of the best data backup tools on the market, EaseUS Todo Backup has a wide range of features. The interface is incredibly intuitive and easy to use for beginners, and backing up is as easy as selecting the drive, file or folder you want to clone, selecting the destination, and hitting the proceed button. The backup process runs in the background, with very little impact on performance. As well as standard backup and disk cloning features, Todo Backup also provides SQL Server and Exchange backup and recovery tools. Backups are created automatically, and the user can set type of backup as well as the time they run. One area that ToDo Backup excels in is the wide variety of backup destinations supported by the software, including hard drives, solid-state drives, optical disks, tape, and common cloud services like DropBox, Google Drive and OneDrive. EaseUS Todo Backup is a great backup program that is perfect for home users who just want a no-frills way of backing up their data. The ability to back up to popular cloud storage services will be incredibly attractive to many home or small business users. This data backup software is available via multiple personal and commercial licenses, and a free 30 day trial is offered with all versions; prices start at £19.95 a year.

Best Data Backup Software