iPhones and Viruses

Let’s start with the good news – most iPhone users don’t need to worry about the threat of viruses or malware. However, security is still a major concern, especially in the information-heavy age we live in.

With this in mind, it’s natural to be worried about the data on your iPhone falling into the wrong hands. While it is technically possible for devices running on the iOS mobile operating system – so iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches – to get viruses, the likelihood at present of that happening is extremely low. There have only been a handful of iPhone viruses created, and even then they were created for research purposes by professions. Our data recovery team receive a high volume of iPhones into the lab every month, with many suffering from logical faults that the user erroneously assumes is a virus. But we generally advise our clients that this is highly unlikely. But why, when PCs are open to all kinds of threats, are iPhones safe?

So what is a ‘virus’, anyway? Put simply, it’s a piece of malicious code that inserts itself into a program, with the aim of spreading to other devices; which is why the name ‘virus’ is apt. The aim of the malicious code depends on the creator’s intent – it could be to steal your data, destroy it, hold it to ransom, or take over your device. In order to achieve one of these goals, the code needs to be run on the device and have the ability to communicate with other apps. However, Apple’s mobile iOS operating system is designed to make every app work independently in its own space, with very limited communication between them. There’s also the fact that all apps have to be checked before they’re sold on Apple’s App Store; Apple meticulously tests apps before they’re launched.

Some people think they’re at risk because of so-called ‘anti-virus’ software available to download for iOS devices. The major anti-virus companies such as McAfee and Symantec all provide apps for iOS devices, but the focus is on finding lost devices and protecting your privacy online, rather than actual anti-virus capabilities. The only time you’re likely to encounter an actual iPhone virus is if you have jailbroken your device. As long as you aren’t tempted to do this, you don’t need to worry. If you think your iPhone has a virus, the chances are, it doesn’t. It’s much more likely to be a fault with the flash memory or a logical error. Our mobile data recovery technicians will be able to provide you with a free diagnosis, quote and list of recoverable files.

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