iPhone Water Damage

Repair your water damaged iPhone in 3 simple steps. Follow these simple do’s and don’ts and there’s every chance your phone will be fine.


Don’t switch it on – short circuits may render the phone unrecoverable if any electrical charge is present.

Don’t press any keys – any liquid behind the screen will be dispersed if you press any keys. The only key to press is the off button to avoid any further damage.

Don’t shake or blow – again this may disperse the liquid and further water ingress could be fatal.

Don’t take the iPhone apart – unless you really do know what you’re doing, leave the iPhone intact.

Don’t heat it – although you are keen to dry the phone out, this needs to be done naturally. Sudden temperature fluctuations can cause other damage to your iPhone.

3 simple steps to reverse your iPhone water damage.

Step 1.
Switch off your iPhone
– if it isn’t already off, switch it off immediately to prevent electrical shorting. Remove the SIM and battery allowing the water to evaporate more quickly.

Step 2.
Mop up any visible water
– using a lint free, clean cloth or kitchen roll, absorb any liquid by gently dabbing, being careful not to disperse the liquid. A great way to suck up the water is with a vacuum cleaner. Ensure there are no loose parts and concentrate on the ports and exposed areas.

Step 3.
Place your iPhone in a sealed container full of silica gel packets
– you can buy silica gel from any hardware shop. Simply place the iPhone in a sealed plastic container full of these packets in a warm environment. Avoid rice if you can, as it’s absorption properties are limited. Leave the iPhone for 48 hours before replacing the SIM and battery and powering up.

If you’re lucky, your iPhone will power on and everything will be fine. If so, this is now the time to take a backup. Use the free iCloud storage and sync with your computer. If the iPhone doesn’t power up, you’re going to need our help!